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What is it?  And why do we suffer from it?

Procrastination is an ego (defensive) reaction against doing something that our perceptions deem would be unpleasant. The act of resisting the task at hand is a solution our brains offer us, justified by the negative thoughts we listen to.  Instead of utilizing the neurological energy that fires with the perception an action is required, the emotional part of our brain decides the action needed in question will be too distasteful, too much or whatever debilitating thoughts we have heard and recorded from our experiences.

With that decision, the motivating energy that fires inside our brains with thoughts of accomplishing something not survival oriented, then turns against the body-self.  The energetic expression is then used to arrest our movement forward to corroborate the brain’s decision to not do it, regardless of the reasons why.

“Thus, instead of moving forward with accomplishing the task, we spin our wheels with our inaction. Guilt about not “doing” the task at hand, just adds to the problem and likelihood that the procrastination will continue unabated.

“I can’t do that,” or “it’s too hard, scary, different…” fill in the blank with any thoughts that negate our activity towards resolution.  Overthinking a situation, will usually fuel procrastination and self-negating behaviors which in turn, increase our procrastination–burying ourselves under a mountain of negativity.

Solutions to Procrastination:

  • Find Support and possibly reassess your goal
  • Ask a friend to listen to you and validate your negative feelings
  • Arrange to have someone show up to help you
  • Do one thing at a time
  • Set up a system of simple goals and simple rewards for when you accomplish each, one at a time
  • Move your body before starting, as getting your blood flowing will activate your aliveness and the desire to accomplish something that feels good
  • Do not overthink the situation as in “making a mountain out of a mole hill.”
  • Get up on your feet and do it

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